I have done some group tours in India recently. Obviously everyone like an independent solo travel with separate accommodation, car etc but there are definitely benefits to joining a Group tour. I think I can write a little bit about the best things about travelling in a tour group.


Travelling to a far-off place will be more fun, if we have the right company with us. Whether it is star-gazing under a pleasant night sky, or bathing in the waves of oceans, it is good to have some company with us. Group trips have a special chance for us to enjoy the vacations with more similar interest people. While travelling in groups, we feel less exhausted and become livelier, as the group energy makes us alive in long and exhausted travel. Group travel also makes you feel more secured in the people from your own country land.


This is an important benefit of group travel that we cannot overlook. When going as a group, we can save on many expenses such as Vehicle charges, guide charges, hotel rooms etc. The amount we spend while on a trip is increased manifold, if you are planning to travel alone, instead of going with a group. If you approach reputed tour agencies, they offer competitive rates, and sometimes discounts too, depending on the number of travellers.


Going with our family is one thing. But touring with a group of totally unrelated people also has its own thrill. This is especially so in case of overseas trips. Tour groups organised by companies may have people from many parts of your country. The moment we step into a foreign land, we all become one group and our unity will help us in another country to travel and give us more security. You can find one of our future friend or life partner.


When going on a long international trip, we are usually advised to keep a stock of all essentials such as medicines and some daily need items. If the tour is to an offbeat place, this requirement is to be stressed more. We may not get all essentials on top of a mountains, or in the midst of a jungle, a small village. When in group, we can divide the essentials among group members.


All those selfies are getting boring for your Instagram followers. You need to get some friends in on the action. On tour everyone’s happy to pose for a picture and be tagged as they all want to look like they’re having the best time ever to their friends back home as well as everyone like some good memories with pictures from the place they visit. Group people are also there to take great photos of you, of course.