Our Team

Meet our Inspiring set of team.

Sabi Khan

Founder & Director

I’ve always loved travel. As a kid I couldn’t wait to escape the city to spend weekends or summer vacations at my grandparent’s farm or longer vacations at my uncle’s house in different city. I traveled a lot while I was studying electronics  Engineering. I started as an network engineer  in IT Company, but felt passionless about my work. What always shone through for me was travel, though, so I began taking short trips and discovered a world I never knew existed—one where I could think outside the box and truly become me. On behalf of the Contes Asia Private limited management and staff, I wish to reiterate our commitment to elevating the regional tourism industry to exceed the set international standards. I would also like to thank our clients, suppliers and tourism partners for their sincere efforts, sustained association and their trust in us.

Haseeb Khan

Co- Founder & Director

Since 2009 I have been working in the travel industry to make tailor made trips for individual and group trips, and now I have a special focus on developing and further developing Contes Asia  travel in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. I’ve had a wonderful travel experiences , travelling with friends and my family. Especially the South India , Sri Lanka and Nepal,  has my great interest as I find religion, history and culture  very interesting and soul fulfilling .  As in India I am always  very impressed by how different one and the same country might be. The best feedback I can get in everyday life is when our travellers come home happy and with lots of wonderful memory from a trip, and especially when you return and book the next trip.

Rajesh Meena

Destination Expert South India

I am known as Raju, Born and brought up in Meena family, I grew up in small town called Amber close to Jaipur famous for Amber palace but The other thing that makes me happy is nature and mountains, super friendly people and vibrant culture. I had the honour of working with The Best Exotic Merigold Hotel Crew in my town. Being in Travel industry has given me meaning of life. Meeting people from different culture everyday and sharing stories is an amazing experience. I have been travelling in India since past 5 years and Kerala is my favourate destination in India, St. Petersburg is outside of Inida.

Ricky Badiyal

Destination Expert - HImalaya & North India

I  born and grew up in Rajasthan I studied tourism and started working as a tour guide since 2010. I have 8 years of advanced grade experience and a valid licence as tourism and adventure guide. I started working for Contes Asia as travel expert for North  part of India. North part of India is full of culture and indigenous people. The area itself has nature, culture and history.


Office Executive

After all sorts of professional career He has finally arrived at our place. Since 2015 Mudassir has been strengthening our back office. Reservations, travel documents, airline tickets, visas, etc. – all this is within his scope of duties. With India and Sri Lanka as his destination, He now wants to get to know  Contes Asia Travel’s destinations Bhutan and Nepal soon.


Destination Expert - Sri Lanka

Since July 2017, the trained travel agent has joined the CA team. After training as a travel agent he discovered his love and passion for Sri Lanka  during his many years working for a group tour operator focusing on Sri Lanka. In addition to countless trips there, he has also visited the South India (Kerala,Pondichery,Chennai) and let herself be captivated by the islands and their inhabitants.


MultiLingual TOUR LEADER

I  born and grew up in Agra in the city of Taj Mahal. I studied tourism and started working as a tour Leader since 2012. I have 10 years of advanced grade experience and a valid license as tourism and adventure guide for all  India. I started working for Contes Asia as multilingual travel expert for North part of India. North India is full of culture and indigenous people. The area itself has nature, culture and history.


Spanish Speaking Tour Leader

 I born and brought up in a small village of Bihar state. To Study and work I moved to New Delhi in 1995 and since then This city accepted me. Now I have more than 20 years of working aa a tour guide. I am working in Contes Asia since 2018. What I love the most in my work is I travel everyday and meet with people from all around the world.