Responsible Tourism

Responsible & Sustainable travel

The tourism industry is vital for people all over the Earth. At Contes Asia, we believe that responsible tourism development is a shared responsibility and for the benefit of all tourism industry players, including tourists.

Responsible travel – a shared responsibility shared benefits

We are convinced that if we together take responsibility for ensuring that tourism development is sustainable, then it will lead to a better travel experience for visitors and a better life for the people living in the areas we visit.

We believe that traveling and learning should go hand in hand. Therefore, we attach importance to provide as complete and accurate picture as possible of the areas we visit. We endeavor that the meeting between guests and hosts to be respectful and mutually beneficial. We think that this particular dialogue is important for both guests and hosts learn something during the visits.

Our goal

In order to ensure good travel experience and improved living conditions for the local population in the areas we visit, we have set the following targets:

  • We will contribute actively to the responsibility of the tourism industry will be a concerted effort involving all stakeholders.
  • We aim for long-term cooperation with our partners in order to create mutual benefits and take joint responsibility.
  • We strive to deliver high quality customer service and to respect and safeguard our clients’ rights.
  • We will treat our employees with respect and want to offer satisfying and mutually beneficial employment and working conditions.

Cooperation with organizations

We work with a number of aid organizations in selected travel tell our guests about local conditions and displays the results of their work. This, we think, our travel the depth that makes our guests come home with new knowledge and insight into the reality of the areas they are traveling to.

The philosophy behind the cooperation with local and Asian organizations is that we contribute financially to projects that improve the living conditions of poor and vulnerable groups and animals welfare organizations, while we give our guests a unique experience where they see for themselves the opportunity to see the need for aid and the results of the actions which is taken by Contes Asia.

Horizon pool

We have established a support pool where our customers with us to support selected projects as they help organizations we work with have worked on a number of years. We want to support sustainable development in destination areas. Therefore, we support only organizations with good results from many years of experience in development work.

The philosophy behind the establishment of Horizon pool is to give our guests an insight into and the ability to support in comparison to some of the challenges that local people are faced with on a daily basis. Therefore, we visit the projects at some of our tours so as to allow for dialogue between guests and hosts, as well as insight into the reality of the areas we visit.

Call for joint effort

We believe that our guests are conscious consumers who have an opinion about what they buy, and decide what they will gain insight into their travel. We actively try to inform our customers about our approach to accountability on the journey and give them tips on how they can contribute to responsible tourism development.

The same is true for our partners. We inform them about our approach to accountability in the tourism industry and encourages them to share their views and experiences with responsible tourism. We thus attempts together to become better at taking care of the areas we visit.

It is an Ongoing process

We keep informed about research and development on how to ensure accountability in the tourism industry. We do this partly by inviting students at universities to base their projects on corporate social responsibility (CSR) on us and our customers.