Let’s restart our Businesses with lot of positive hope and prosperity for everyone in the travel. All the destinations in the world are opening to revive their business. At India we also welcome you with open hearts but Visiting Taj Mahal only is not traveling to India let’s rethink beyond that old way to see India. These past two years gives us enough time to rethink, rebuild & re-innovate our way to be more responsible towards our community, animals & Nature. These three elements are pillars of responsible tourism in any city, country.

We at Contes Asia Travel not only providing you and your clients best possible responsible tour itineraries. we prepare new itineraries with less travel places with more local interaction where you can actually mingle with locals and help them to preserve their culture and heritage without impacting their sentiments. In our all itinerary we always trying to minimize our carbon footprint.

Discuss with your suppliers if they are actually practicing responsible tourism or just giving you a theory about it. we should commit ourselves at ground levels. Let’s eat local dishes at local small restaurants or home, encourage each others to only purchase souvenirs from local artisans and Let’s recruit the ground team (including the group leader) from the local communities that we travel through. All these elements combine to not only give a fantastic insight into the country, but also put valuable financial resources back into the local economy, creating jobs and supporting local businesses.

Would you like to be a responsible Travel Operator / Travel Agent  and looking for a responsible Travel suppliers do not wait, we are eager to work and discuss further with like minded people.

Email us at  info@contesasia.com