Mandawa, an area of ​​Royal people, Riches, Money Lenders, is famous worldwide for its mural painting (also known as ‘fresco painting’). It is said that Fresco paintings are 200 years old, but their glow still looks like new. Mandawa was once an important city in Rajasthan and was founded by the Rajputs in the 18th century. The colors used to make these paintings were pure natural. Not only these paintings, but the painters used to make a living in the preparation of colors. There is a famous story in this regard. Some Seth (Merchant) gave the contract to paint his mansion to the painter here. Seth did business in Kolkata. When he returned after 4 months, he saw that the mansion is the same and the painter is sitting there and making colors. Seth ji told him with displeasure that so much time had passed and you did not paint even a stone. The painter was also angry and threw a brush of paint into the wall. Even today there are marks of that color on the stone wall. Due to these colors being very firm, they used to last for years. All the Area near Mandawa called Shekhawati including some of cities. If you are staying at Mandawa then this is a great opportunity to explore the nearby region. Most places lying between the cities of Shekhawati are small villages dotting the never-ending desert landscape.

  1. Mandawa Fort

The main attraction here is the Mandawa Fort, around which the town developed. Ensconced in the Aravallis, the fort was established to protect the flourishing trading outpost of Mandawa in the Shekhawati region. Today, it has been converted into a heritage hotel and is famous for its painted arched gateway, beautiful frescoes, exquisite carvings, paintings of Lord Krishna and mirror work. The Mandwa Fort was built by Newal Singh, the first descendant of the Shekhawati rulers.


  1. Kothari & Surana Havelies

Kothari & Surana havelis’ which were built by the Kothari and Surana merchants during the rule of their clans in this region. The most famous ‘haveli’ is the ‘Malji ka Kamra’ which was built by Malji Kothari in 1925 AD when Churu was a part of Bikaner state. The Haveli brags the famous Italian and Shekhawati architectural designs. There is a famous Surana Brothers, Double Haveli located in this region, which was built in 1870 AD. The Double Haveli includes Hawa Mahal which has 1,111 doors and windows and the Bagla Haveli.

  1. Ratangarh Fort

Built in the early 18th century, the fort boasts imposing gateways, several monuments and a clock tower. It is mingled in the lore of Churu, a short drive away from Shekhawati. The fort is surrounded by villages that still recall its heyday. Now this fort is occur in the churu district of Rajasthan. This hill fort is indeed a jewel in all the hill forts. This fort is just 73 kilometers far from Mandawa.

  1. Sethani Ka Johra

One of the few Joharas (reservoir) in the semi-arid landscape, the Sethani ka Johara serves the purpose of aesthetics and that of being a lifeline. Built in the late 19th century, it is known to be a peaceful place that attracts various birds and animals, including Nilgais, in winter. It was constructed to counter the drought problem of nearby villages and it is still serving many villages.

  1. Open Art Gallery

Mandawa had been a major stop for rich merchants who crossed the Silk route during the 18th Century. This brought the art and culture of various clans into this small town; thus, it became an open art gallery for tourists from all across the world. As some of them settled down in the region, they constructed for themselves and their families, huge mansions (Havelis). These havelis were not only huge and designed beautifully, they also adorned fresco and were decorated with beautiful paintings. With the coming of Britisher’s, as this city was occupied by them, it saw the way of contemporary art which was more or less like the traditional Indian art form, over time, the world saw the amalgamation of two art forms and Mandawa for its palaces, designs, architecture and frescoes began to be popularly mentioned as the Open Air Gallery.