Nepal is a beautiful country with never ending stunning landscapes, charismatic mountains and mesmerizing lakes. Nepal is one of the finest country with wide prospect of development in technology and tourism sectors. With wide variety of flora and fauna in the country, Nepal beholds some of the rarest species like the one-horned Rhino, the Bengal tiger and their national flower Rhododendron.

But how many of us know these interesting facts about

1.Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha

Siddhartha Gautam (Buddha) was born in Kapilvastu, Lumbini which lies in Nepal. Lumbini is a sacred place for Buddhists.

  1. Nepal Was Once named as the weed capital

Weed is said to be illegal and is not available for buy and sale, we can find the growth of weeds everywhere mostly in the rural area, around the roads, ditches, farm lands, mountainside and everywhere. Who would not love to fire a pot and get along with the fine environment that Nepal beholds.

  1. The only living goddess in the world called Kumari can be found in Nepal

The literal meaning of Kumari is Virgin. In Nepal these kumari, or “living goddesses,” are pre-pubescent girls considered to be the earthly manifestations of divine female energy, incarnations of the goddess known as Taleju, the Nepalese name for Durga.

Selected as children, they live in temples, are carried in chariots during festivals and are worshipped by thousands of Hindus and Buddhists. They retire upon puberty.

  1. Nepal Gurkhas have been part of the British Army Since 1816

“Better to die than be a coward” is the motto of the world-famous Nepalese Gurkha soldiers who are an integral part of the British Army since 1815 when a peace agreement was clinched by the British East India Company after it suffered heavy casualties during an invasion of Nepal.

  1. Nepal Holds A Number of Records Which Makes A High Profile for this Small Country

Mount Everest being the peak of the world at the height of 8,848 m, there are others like the Tilicho lake- the highest lake on earth at the height of 4800m, Shey Phoksundo Lake- the deepest lake of 145m at the height of 3600m, the deepest gorge of Kalidanki of 1200m and the highest valley on Earth- the Arun valley. Nepal also holds some of the world famous Guinness world records and different international prizes, international recognitions and involvements that have made the profile of this small country to be one of the best.

  1. World Heritage sites of Nepal

Nepal is a country having various cultural and natural heritages, Temples, stupas, rest houses, inns, etc.are religious heritage. Language, arts, dress, the way of living, etc are cultural heritage. Himalayas, mines, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, forests, national parks, wildlife reserves, etc are natural heritage. All these religious, cultural and natural heritage are national properties. Besides, the public road, bridges, electricity, Chautara, etc are also national properties. All the public properties which are under the ownership of the state/nation are the national heritage. UNESCO has included Chitwan National Park in the list of World Heritage in 1984 and Sagarmatha National Park in 1979 AD.

The following are national heritage enlisted in World Heritage Site by UNESCO:

  1. Lumbini
  2. Pashupati Area
  3. Sagarmatha National Park
  4. Chitwan National Park
  5. Hanumandhoka Durbar Square
  6. Patan Durbar Square
  7. Bhaktapur Durbar Square
  8. Changunarayan Temple
  9. Bauddhanath Stupa
  10. Swayambhunath Stupa
  11. Namaste – I salute the God in you


Handshake is not very common in Nepal. People of Nepal put their palms together and bow their forehead and say Namaste or Tashidele (in the Sherpa Communities). Namaste is directly translated as ‘I salute the God in you’.

  1. Tilicho Lake – The world’s highest lake

Tilicho Lake at 4,949 m collects the glacial melt of the entire northern slopes of Annapurna Mountain range and the Thorong Peak. Altough, Nepal proudly claims it to be the highest lake in the world, India has close competitors. Whether it is the world’s highest lake or not, it is one of the worlds most beautiful lakes with an equally dangerous trail.

  1. Don’t order chicken if you’re in a hurry

If you order chicken at a hill station and the restaurant tells you that they are going out to find the chicken, it’s true! Free-range local chicken is a delicacy in the hills. Not an ideal meal to have when you’re on a tight schedule to get to the airport on time.

10.The Freeland!

Nepal doesn’t celebrate Independence Day because it doesn’t have one. It has never been a slave to any other country and has been following its Kingdom Dynasty. But after the Royal massacre, the Political face of Nepal kept changing, and it’s currently a secular nation.

  1. Saturday is for resting

It’s a six-day working week in Nepal, while Saturday is reserved for being a rest day.On Saturdays, locals flock in mass to places like Nagarkot to enjoy a picnic.Picnics are usually catered events with loud music and lots of dancing. Join in on the fun!

  1. Don’t expect hot showers

Hot water, electricity and beds are considered a luxury here and not taken for granted, so get used to cold showers, candles and thin mattresses. You won’t hear anyone else complaining so suck it up, princess!

  1. Beast of Burden!

One can enjoy observing this beast of burden during an Everest trek as they are very common and irreplaceable in here. Yaks are synonyms to tractors in Nepal. They are employed as heavy load vehicle on Himalayan paths due to their strength and capability to climb tough paths and high valleys.

  1. Prepare for pit toilets

There’s no way around it – going to the bathroom in Nepal is a stinky affair. Take a deep breath, squat and for heaven’s sake, don’t slip! If it is absolutely necessary that you take a breath, breathe ONLY through your mouth. Don’t forget to carry toilet paper and a torch with you, but don’t let this minor inconvenience deter you from visiting Nepal; the benefits far outweigh the toilet torture.

15.Paradise for Nature and Bird Lovers!

It’s a fact that there are over 360 species of Orchid and about 870 species of birds in Nepal. Other distinct animals like snow leopard, one-horned rhino and swamp deer are also found here. No wonder that it attracts so many nature lovers throughout the four seasons.